Gunselmans Queen Of Hearts

Gunselmans Queen Of Hearts

Don't miss your chance every Monday night at 8:00PM to be the next big winner of our weekly Gunselmans Queen of Hearts drawing. Join your host RAY CARR each week as we will pull one lucky ticket to select their choice of a hidden card to see if they draw the Queen of Hearts and win the Jackpot. If no winner is selected, the pot will continue to grow each week until someone selects the Queen of Hearts. Other tickets will be drawn for a chance to spin our prize wheel.

Gunselman's Tavern Queen of Hearts Rules
We purchased a sealed board from Nannicola. It is in a locked case in the bar.
There are 52 cards and 2 jokers for a total of 54 cards.
For a chance to draw for the Queen of Hearts, purchase a ticket.
Tickets will be sold behind the bar.
The price of the tickets will go up if the pot goes over $10K


If you are not present at the time of the drawing, no problem as long as you have your name and phone number on the ticket. You have 72 hours to claim your prize. If the jackpot is not claimed, another drawing will be held for the jackpot. All other prizes will remain in the pot if they go unclaimed. 

Tickets will be sold at the bar only and the jackpot amount will be posted.
The tickets will be sold until 7:45 p.m. on Monday's & placed in the raffle drum. Each Monday at 8:00 p.m. there will be a ticket drawn for a chance to pick for the Queen of Hearts. Select the card you wish by writing on the back of the ticket your name & the number of the card you wish to draw (#1-54).
Each week after the drawing, all tickets will be thrown away and ticket sales will start over.
The game will continue until someone picks the Queen of Hearts, then a new game will begin. 

We play a 5 board game. The final board is 100% payout but for the first 4 boards the Queen of Hearts pays 85% of the jackpot. All other cards are per chart above. 
15% seed for the next game. 

The owners of Gunselman's Tavern will make up the Queen of Hearts Committee and will address all discrepancies with final say.
If the name on the ticket IS NOT LEGIBLE, the ticket will be considered void and another ticket will be drawn. 
Face cards and Joker winners will be paid out immediately, jackpot winners will be paid out the following day after all ticket sales are tabulated. 
Jackpot amounts will be displayed for players' information only. 
Is the game ‘queen of hearts’ legal?
Queen of hearts is a game known to be played different ways. Whether or not a certain game is legal depends on the specific facts and circumstances. As a general rule, when all proceeds collected in a queen of hearts game are paid out to the pool of all participants in the same game, it may be considered a “pool not conducted for profit,” which is not against the law in Ohio. However, if the operator takes a “cut” or “rake” of the proceeds, or if game proceeds are used to pay winners of other games, then the game may be a scheme of chance, which is illegal under Ohio law. Gunselman's does not take any proceeds from the game. It is 100% payout.